Learning by Doing: Social Innovation Case Studies

  • HUB de diseño social Centro de diseño, cine y televisión


These eight case studies show different facets, formats, and scales of social innovation initiatives in Mexico. The content has been arranged according to each project’s background, development process, solution, social impact, and key lessons learned. The projects are diverse yet share the same approach: they articulate responses through creative processes whose design, implementation, and evolution have required—and encouraged—participants to develop their skills. In other words, they have learned new ways of acting when faced with different situations.
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HUB de diseño social. (1). Learning by Doing: Social Innovation Case Studies. Economía Creativa, 166-167. Recuperado a partir de http://ciecpress.centro.edu.mx/ojs/index.php/CentroTI/article/view/413
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